‘Cherry’ Ingram and Diversity

レシピ / RECIPE

Japan is Cherry Blossom season now.

Countless number of cherry blossom trees in Japan are now in full bloom.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

I saw Sakura trees in Britain several times, but they looked different from Japanese cherry blossom trees.

Sakura trees in York
Sakura trees in Longon

I wondered maybe cherry blossom trees somewhat evolved in Britain till I got to know the British man called ‘Cherry Ingram’.

150 years ago, he went to Japan. He fell in love with Sakura trees and… worried.

Like Britain, this country would become consumer society… then these Sakura trees, their amazing diversity, would die out.

So, he gathered many different species of Sakura trees and sent them to Britain.

His anxiety became true soon. A new species of cherry blossom, ‘Someiyoshino’, which is known as
―beautiful pale pink flowers which lose their petals quickly
―All of them have the same characteristics

quickly got to be grown all over Japan (as it was attractive for consumers) and exterminated other species.

And, at the same time, Japanese people
―thought it is beautiful to lose their lives quickly for Japan
―and under
totalitarianism all of them went to the direction which caused the World War Second
with exterminating other ideas and possibilities.

Then… after 150 years, Someiyoshino still keep its position as the queen of cherry blossom. Japanese people once lived with diverse Sakura trees but forgot the fact, like what I thought about British Sakura trees which Cherry Ingram brought back.

Same thing can be said to other ‘tradition’ in Japan, like banning same-sex marriage. The ban was introduced 150 years ago too but many people just forgot it and criticise the idea of same-sex marriage, saying ‘it is not acceptable from the point of Japanese tradition.’

But… there are many more Sakura trees other than Someiyoshino.
We can grow, and enjoy, such Sakura trees.

Next time you see cherry blossoms, please recall the ancient memories hidden in your heart.

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