Our Aizome Dye Challenge

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently we tried Aizome- Japanese traditional Indigo Dyeing.

This is the place where we can try Aizome!

We chose white T-shirts to dye. I decided to dye it with ‘tie-dye’ pattern. Chihiro chose to dye it with gradation pattern.

The left is mine, and the right is Chihiro’s

And it turned out that gradation pattern (which needs to be done via gradual dyeing) is far more difficult than tie-dye pattern (which needs to be done via throwing T-shirt into the vase below full of Indigo dye). So, Chihiro really struggled and in the end I helped her a lot 😉

This is Ai Dye. It smells like aquarium.

Unlike artificial dye, Ai dye is natural, so that you have to dip things you want to dye into Ai dye again and again and again and again. And then- you can see really beautiful indigo blue like below.

This is Chihiro’s

So, today, we went outside wearing the T-shirts we dyed. And I thought: Maybe one day this beautiful dyed T-shirt will fades away, but hopefully our love will never fade out.

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