New Slogan about Unconscious Bias…Really?

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Recently, Japanese government created a new slogan- ‘Let’s get rid of unconscious bias’. You can see the official article below (*it is only written in Japanese). Here are what they say:


Unconscious bias is one of the reason why there have been lots of prejudices and discriminations in Japanese society.


Hmm… OK?

Having unconscious bias itself is inevitable and therefore it is beyond the concept of good and evil.


I think there are ‘evil’ unconscious bias such as ‘all women are fools.’

But… yeah I have to read all of what they say before I decide whether they are right or wrong…

But sometimes having unconscious bias humiliates others around you and narrows your possibilities. So, you should always care about whether you have unconscious bias or not and try to become conscious about it.


I couldn’t read any more. Unconscious bias is what you cannot be conscious about yourself! How can you become conscious about it by yourself!? It’s UNCONSCIOUS bias, right!?

If you really want to become conscious about your unconscious bias, you should acquire trust of others around you then they will tell you about your unconscious bias without hesitation.

Without mentioning it, the article makes no sense. In the first place, what this article says is just telling common sense- you should be careful about what you do or say as it can be harmful for others- without saying any practical advice.

Also, in Japan, everyday, many people, even politicians, throw discriminations to minorities.

Mentioning unconscious bias is OK, but you should do it after you confront deep discrimination and prejudice. Please, Japanese government, it’s time to fight against CONSCIOUS evil.

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