Lying on Jelly with Fruits

レシピ / RECIPE

As Candice wrote in the previous article, it’s super-hard to live as a queer in this world. Sometimes, even I –born to be optimist- feel tired. Exhausted. Worn out.

And whenever I feel that weary, I make a jelly at night.

1) Boil 300 ml fruit juice.
2) Put gelatin / agar in the boiled juice and stir well.
3) Put fruits you like in the boiled juice.
4) Put It in the refrigerator.
5) Wait till next morning and it is done! Easy, isn’t it?

What is nice about this process is: you cannot eat it immediately. You have to wait till next morning. This simple fact gives me power to live one more day to eat my jelly.

Next morning, I put the jelly on glass tray, and eat it slowly, enjoying its crystal-clear beauty.

After eating, breathe deeply, and… it’s time to move on.

Actually, right now, I am making strawberry jelly for next morning 🙂
I sincerely hope that I can have the mind flexible and elastic like jelly!!

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