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レシピ / RECIPE

Long time no see, it’s me, Candice.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on living as a minority in Japan.
An endless pain.
Pain like walking in the fields of cactus bare foot.

When I was on the elevator with my colleagues, I had to hear them chit-chatting :
We’re so close to each other, I’m worried that we might be seen as lesbian couples!”
I’m literally exhausted having to hear this kind of nonsense on daily bases. Almost everyday actually.

I was very stressed and mad that I couldn’t stand up for myself at the moment.

After awhile, I made a tweet about it because that was the least I could do…Now I’m writing a blog about it to let people know that this kind of behaviour can be very traumatizing and unforgivable.

…maybe some people reading this can take it as “being too sensitive” or “cancel culture”. A queen on Drag race recently stated “A lot of stuff we grew up on that we think is funny, they would crucify people for now. I think that’s a huge thing for me lately, doing comedy. I’m just afraid to say, or make a joke or say lots of things. So I get in my head a lot about that.”

But, how many more times do we(minorities) need to “forgive and forget”?
We are not Jesus nor teachers to educate you for YOUR mistakes.
Think twice before you offend someone.

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