Every Creator should Watch this masterpiece: ‘Disclosure’

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Hi, it’s me, Chihiro. Recently I watched Netflix’s documentary called ‘Disclosure‘ which analyses the influence of Hollywood on transgender community. It is a breathtakingly well made documentary and in this article I tell you the three reasons why the documentary can be said as a masterpiece.

① So intriguing

Although it handles difficult subject, the contents is just so intriguing. clear-cut explanations about the history of Hollywood movies and dramas, smooth interview to transgender people, and encouraging messages make you watch it non-stop like when you watch ‘God Father Part Ⅱ’.

Clear-cut message

‘Disclosure’ sends us a clear-cut message: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Expressing something always contains not only the possibility of improving the world but also the risk of hurting someone.

For a long time, Hollywood movies and dramas have illustrated transgender people as ‘abnormal‘ (e.g. In the movie Ace Ventura, Ace vomited when he found out the person he fell in love was a transgender person.) Even some of them are masterpieces, they contributed to increase discrimination against transgender people.

Recently, based on such dark history, increasing numbers of movies and dramas start to illustrate transgender people as natural, attractive existence (e.g. Orange Is The New Black). They might offer society a good chance to end discrimination against transgender people. On the other hand, people who dislike the movies and dramas might harm transgender people near them.

This message really matters in this SNS-dominant society where everyone both expresses something and is exposed at expressions of others day by day.

③ Don’t force ‘appropriate expressions’

‘Disclosure’ does not, however, force ‘appropriate expressions’ on us. All the expressions shown in the documentary are explained with their ‘faults’. For example, the documentary introduces the movie ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ as not only the legendary movie which illustrates the suffering of transgender people but also the problematic movie which omits the existence of a black person who played an important role in the true story which the movie is based on.

There is no ‘appropriate expressions’ for all people. Every expression will harm someone. Even so, we should seek the better way to express to bring about better future. We can do it. The documentary illustrates the hope which overcomes despair really well and so that its message touches our heart profoundly.


Therefore, to see ‘the pen is mightier than the sword‘, please watch ‘Disclosure’ on Netflix!

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