Don’t Touch Our Hair

レシピ / RECIPE

Long time no see, it’s Candice.
Living in Japan as a Black-Japanese biracial woman can be extremely challenging.

Last month, I woke up late for work and I didn’t have time to flat iron my hair so I just left the house with my natural curls.

The moment I sat down at my desk, one of my colleague said
“Wow! “
and started grabbing my hair with two hands. Without permission. It all happened so fast, I couldn’t even say no.

After that, another person came up to me with a huge
and tried to touch my hair.
This time, I managed to dodge but…She was so offended that I didn’t let her touch my hair and said
“How rude of you!”
Like, WTF?!

Seeing that, the person who grabbed my hair said,
“She doesn’t like her hair touched.”
in a very mean tone.

This happens way too much, I’m just too exhausted to say anything back at this moment.

Just because our hair looks a certain way does NOT mean you are allowed to touch.



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