One should not interfere in lover’s quarrels.

レシピ / RECIPE

This is Chihiro speaking. Actually, I’m a bit short-tempered person and sometimes take it out on Candice.

To avoid this, recently I am trying the three methods below

1: When I feel anger, write it down.

 By writing,
(1)I can chill out a bit.
(2)I can understand what is the core of my anger.
(3)I can judge whether it is worth to show my anger.

To sum up, his method makes it easier for me to cool down. 

2: When we had quarrel, I always try to make it up before midnight.
It is because
(1)Late at night we tend to become more aggressive.
(2)Overnight quarrel damages our relationship more deeply.

3: After quarrel, I try to relax.
However, even after making up sometimes the anger keeps on deep in my heart, trying to rekindle itself. So, after quarrel, I always try to think about happy things.

These three methods are not perfect, but I try everyday to be more gentle, to make Candice happy.

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