Japanese court found same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional!

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I admit Japan is not world-best progressive country in the world when it comes to LGBT+ rights.

But, in the near future, the situation might drastically change- due to recent judgement about same-sex marriage.

“A Sapporo court ruled…that the government’s failure to recognize same-sex marriage is unconstitutional in the country’s first judicial ruling on marriage equality”

“In the landmark ruling, presiding Judge Tomoko Takebe sided with the couples who claimed the government was violating Article 14 of the Constitution that ensures the right to equality, describing as “discriminatory” the government’s failure to implement legal measures to offer “even a degree” of marital benefits to same-sex couples.”

Yay!!But the article also mentions the difficulty:

“However, she rejected the plaintiffs’ demand for compensation, saying that the state reparations law was not violated, noting the difficulty for the Diet to quickly recognize the problem.”

This sounds really true, based on my understanding as a government worker.

Japanese ruling party is actually really not fond of the idea of expansion of LGBT+ rights.

However, I can assure one more thing about Japanese ruling party- they really CARE about what the world says about Japanese situation.

So… if you read this article outside of Japan, please share this news with your friends and colleagues. It will greatly help us.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our fight has just begun!!

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