The Oysters of Stereotype Taste Bitter

レシピ / RECIPE

It was when I lived in Britain.

‘I can’t understand why Japanese people can eat raw fish. It’s disgusting!’

The British guy sat next to me in the pub told me so… with eating raw oysters.

I told him what he was eating is actually raw fish. And then, he said:

‘Oh… you’re right. I never thought like that…sorry.’

And now, with a sigh, I recall the conversation. 

It is because recently I made the same mistake as him.

People making discriminations tend to keep unnoticed that they can put themselves in the similar situation with the people they discriminate.

For example, once I met the person who thinks poor people tend to be criminals. She thought so as poverty deprives people of choices. But, she would not have many choices when she doesn’t have so much money in her purse. If someone tells her ‘Oh! You don’t have much money now. Please don’t steal money from me, criminal!’ she would feel hurt.

Also, a Japanese politician once said ‘same-sex lovers don’t have any productivity as they can’t have children’. But I’m sure she cannot have children by herself and she would feel really annoyed if someone tells her (when she enjoys coffee alone) ‘You should find someone to have sex right now to have children’.

Recently, I saw a woman saying that it’s OK to make white-only fashion magazine if it focuses on Paris where white people are majority. But she would get angry if she tries to travel to Paris but is denied because the immigration officer decides only white people can travel to Paris as it is the place where white people are majority.

They just need to think little more open-minded, but they just don’t notice that. 

… Actually, for me, it was the same.

I was told that same-sex couple does not take responsibility of having children. I got really mad and tweeted ‘I don’t dare to have children in Japan, where people discriminate LGBTQ+ people publicly.’. Then, a same-sex couple who have a child told me it’s really rude to them, who actually have children in Japan. They are totally right. I made a big, big mistake, which should not be forgiven.

To avoid making such a mistake, you should
-Think twice before you say something publicly
-And if you make mistake, admit it.

Even it is really difficult in this fast-moving and chaotic world. Even you feel really terrible.

This is what, with one more deep sigh, I tell myself.

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  2. kierwi より:

    The misconception that gay couples can’t have children is wrong and harmful. People who think like that Japanese politician likely don’t have any LGBT friends/acquaintances– you almost have to feel bad for them.

    Gay couples can procreate in many different ways:
    1. become surrogates for infertile heterosexual couples (as long as one partner has a womb)
    2. become surrogates themselves for their own child (as long as one partner has a womb)
    3. ask for a surrogate’s help for a child (if no partner has a womb)
    4. impregnate a partner with the other’s bone marrow (if both have wombs) to make a child with XX chromosomes (female at birth)
    5. donate their eggs/sperm at egg/sperm banks to help infertile couples
    6. have biological children themselves if one partner makes sperm and the other has eggs (ex. same-gender couples with 1 transgender partner, like a trans girl and a cis girl, or a trans guy and a cis guy)

    And like you said, not being able to have children doesn’t mean you’re worthless. An infertile man or woman shouldn’t base their worth on not being able to have kids. If a Japanese woman can’t get pregnant, then wouldn’t they also deserve “non-productivity” discrimination alongside LGBT couples? Of course not; that doesn’t make sense at all.

    I think that changing Japan’s overwork culture is the best way to improve the birth rate. Few couples have enough time and energy to sleep together. And why doesn’t Japan offer monthly bonuses to everyone who has children? Why not increase the funding for childcare centers and boost salaries for childcare workers (daycare workers, babysitters, nannies, etc.)? How about normalizing parents taking time off work to spend time with their children? Or paying new parents to stay home with their newborns?

    But I guess all of these solutions are more difficult than just demonizing LGBT people. 😛