Date with Chihiro: Crab in Clam

レシピ / RECIPE

Since Chihiro’s recent articles were kinda heavy, I’d like to write about our date to Tokyo.

A while ago, we went to downtown area of Tokyo to make handmade kaleidoscopes.

We had lunch at a local restaurant. Grilled Clam on sticks were bussing! LOL

and here is a photo of a baby crab I found in my clam 🙂

Then, we decided to visit a history museum.

While the guide(I think he was in his sixties)explained us the local life in Edo era (17th-19th century), he turned around and looked at me and said

‘All Edo era bathrooms were gender-neutral!!’

I immediately thought,

Maybe we have something in common?
Or, maybe this person struggled about his gender-identity?

Because this statement would never come from my heterosexual Japanese mom. I think the only ones who struggled with gender would come up with the word “gender-neutral” immediately. Like the crab in the clam, that fortunate encounter made me happy. Maybe, there are many people feel the same as me… that made me feel little close to people.

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