Women do get facial hair

レシピ / RECIPE

Yesterday, I (Chihiro) saw an advertisement saying “Facial hair removal is men’s duty.”

The advertisement made me realise that there is no ‘facial’ hair removal advertisement for women, nevertheless I have seen so much armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair advertisement for women.

Maybe, many people think only men have facial hair.

But, I have suffered from facial hair problem for a while. As my beard grows faster than ordinary people,

My mother continuously has told me that I need more facial care,

My colleague once said that he could borrow me nice shaver,

and my hairstylist hesitantly told me that she could shave my beard in addition to cut my hair.

You might think I could go to hair removal salon, but I worry about side effects. Also, I feel sorry for my beard. If only I were male, I’m sure no one blame such a subtle beard… if only I were Santa Claus, everyone enjoys my beard…

Therefore, I still seek how to live well with my beard. Nowadays, wearing mask can conceal my beard, but I sincerely hope in the near future we can live without the fear of being judged by what kind of facial hair we get, regardless of gender.

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