What I Need Is ‘Micro-empowerment’

レシピ / RECIPE

Long time no see, it’s me, Candice. Recently, we went to the place called ‘TeamLab Borderless Tokyo’.

There were a lot of beautiful arts. We enjoyed a lot!

What we enjoyed most was drawing experience. First, you need to choose a sea creature you want to draw. Chihiro chose a shark and I chose a jellyfish.

And then, draw, draw and draw! Here are our result!

And after drawing, the staff scans your drawing, and your art swims in the digital sea.

During our drawing time, I heard voices of parents and children around us.

Some of the parents throw harsh words to their children such as ‘your drawing is too dirty’ and ‘you had better use more colors to make it look better’.

Other parents encourage their children, saying ‘your drawing is beyond description!’, ‘You are genius to use such colors here!’, and so on.

For me, who lives in the world of microaggression everyday, the latter type of parents seem perfect. If microaggression is the bed of thorns, such small encouragement and praise (I call them ‘micro-empowerment’) would be the bundle of light. Hope our world would be full of micro-empowerment, not microagression.

Seeing my jellyfish under the rainbow light, I thought so.

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