The Stained Glass of Sex Crack’d from Side to Side

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently, My girlfriend and I made Japanese confectionery named ‘Amber Sugar‘ which is made from agar. First, you heat the agar in the water and put sugar. You can put any color on the agar. After cooled down it, you can crack it and then the confectionery looks like jewels appears!

The sweets reminded me the stained glass I saw in Winchester.

Usually, European stained glass is put in order, schemed really well.

But… the Winchester stained glass was… like Amber Sugar. Under the sunlight, the thousands of colorful diagrams smiled gently.

The man standing next to me said: It’s interesting, right? Because of the civil war, it was smashed completely. So, people gathered the pieces of the original stained glass and put it randomly.

I lived in the box of gender about 30 years. Inside the box, there is invisible needles and it tore me into pieces. Ms. Raja and Candice broke the box and the pieces of me came out. I gathered the pieces and made new me.

Now, I don’t make up myself.
I don’t wear high-heeled shoes.
I can’t marry.
I can’t give birth to child.
I can’t… live ‘ordinary’ and ‘well-schemed’ life like typical stained-glass.
My stained glass is distorted and irregular.

But, still, I love my stained glass. I can now believe both types of stained-glass are equally beautiful, thanks to the love Candice gives me everyday (like my love I give her everyday).

The Amber Sugar I made with her tasted sweet, soft, fragile, and more than anything, warm.

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