Many Microaggression Makes a Mickle

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When I was little, I pricked myself on a little thorn. My grandmother pulled out the thorn quickly, saying ‘ Even a little thorn might kill you if it dives in your blood vessel and reaches to your heart.’

After I started a relationship with Candice, I become more sensitive about people’s saying.
-A friend who says she “doesn’t have any prejudice” as she has a gay friend.
-A colleague who advised me to move out to foreign countries as they are “more open-minded”.
-A boss who said that he got surprised by my “deviation”.

The problem is, none of them disliked me or hated me. They were just ignorant and unconscious. So… for such people, usually I can’t say anything. Just sigh in my mind.

When I told my queer friends about this experience, they said that ‘if you take all of these comments seriously, you would be exhausted, so, watch out!

That comment reminded me of my grandmother’s words. Even a little thorn can kill you if you leave it inside you.

In Japan, some people say ‘Japan is so open to LGBT+ people as we don’t execute them like some countries!’ kind of things. Such people only think about a big, big thorn which kills you instantly. I really hope they notice that a small thorn can be lethal if it stays long.

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