”Minority Groups Are Too Sensitive?”

レシピ / RECIPE

Some people say “minority groups are too sensitive considering our society progressed a lot.”

I think, those people think that obvious discrimination is the only thing which threaten minority groups.

But… that’s not true at all. From my experience, not only obvious discrimination but also daily ‘consideration’ and ‘understanding’ hurt us a lot. For example, my colleagues and friends never said ‘LGBT+ is disgusting!’ but they often remarked that they can ‘understand’ our relationship or they ‘admit’ my sexuality and so on…

You might think such ‘consideration’ and ‘understanding’ are not as threatening as obvious discrimination but as I wrote in this article such microaggression can kill us in the end.

What I want to say is: “even if you don’t feel hurt from a remark, someone will feel hurt“. This is simple fact. But many people just don’t realise this fact.

So… next time if you encounter someone saying they feel hurt, please listen to them without interrupting. That’s the best way to make things better.

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