Hello Kitty is not just pretty.

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently, Candice and I went to Sanrio Puroland where you can meet many Sanrio characters. 

There you can see so many Hello Kitty themed things (such as Ramen below). But, actually, we didn’t like Hello Kitty much.

You can eat Kitty Ramen there

(Can’t understand why this ‘just cute’ character is so popular. Cut the cute act, you’re not fooling us, Kitty!)

Thinking sarcastically, we went through all the atractions and shows…

…and then…we realised.

She has such a bad bitch vibe!!(@@)

When she holds a party, she put big statues of her as ‘wonderful decoration’.

 When she perform in the show, she always takes one step forward than every other character, including her boyfriend.

When she answers interview, she critically analyse her public image as ‘only for girls’ and declare to be ‘everyone’s favorite’.

When she talks with her boyfriend, she is always frank, fair, and generous.

In summary, she is not just pretty, but independent. 

She is not only cute but also strong, giving everyone courage to proceed.

 So, it was natural we started to call her ‘Ms. Kitty’ after visiting there.

Thank you, Ms.Kitty, you gave us not only dream and magic, but also courage and confidence!!

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