Kaleidoscope Tells Diversity of Sex

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently, Candice and I are keen on making kaleidoscope.

We started making kaleidoscope as we were fascinated by a kaleidoscope shop which sells so many different kaleidoscopes. So, we tried making kaleidoscope by our own by buying kaleidoscope making kit. And it was…super-duper fun!!!!!!

It is because the scenery of kaleidoscope totally changes based on what ingredients we put in it.

If we use too big ingredients, they might make scenery too rough.

But if we use too small ingredients, it might make scenery too finite.

And if we use only one color, it makes scenery static,

although too many colors make scenery messed up.

And, above all, we can put almost everything (such as paper, yarn, glitter, rubber band, crystal, tiny button, and so on.)

Sometimes overthinking makes scenery far worse than the one made without much thinking.

Because these try and error give us pain,

the beauty beyond the pain gives us deep pleasure.

Hundreds try and error and Thousands beauty. Reciprocating motion of frustration and happiness.

It really resembles with the pain and pleasure of our trip to pursue our own sex, gender, and sexuality which I wrote in the article below.

Although it is sometimes really harsh trip, it will lead us to happiness of embracing our true self.

We are all on the way of that never-ending trip.

In the dark room, looking at the geometric patterns of kaleidoscope projected on white wall, we thought so.

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