My Spouse was Once a Slime

レシピ / RECIPE

Hi, I’m Candice! You know, Chihiro wrote she was once a slime in the previous article. Let me explain little more about it from my perspective.

When Chihiro told me she was slime, she looked really sad.

So… I decided to wait till she tells me why. And then, after a month or so, she told me the reason (which she wrote in the previous article.)

That made me think strongly that I really don’t want to make her feel like that when she is with me.

But the point is, the reason I tell positive things to Chihiro everyday is not because I want to encourage her.

I just… feel I should make desperate effort every day not to lose her, my perfect and world-best spouse.

Actually, that’s all what I want to say in this article. She is mine and I’m hers!

・・・oh I nearly forgot telling one more important thing. As a minority, I have been exposed to immense amount of lookism, even today.

It was hard but now I kinda get used to it and can think they are just envious about the fact that I can do what they can’t do. Because, after all, I’m her spouse, the world-best, fierce, funny, brave, intelligent, and beautiful woman!!

So, based on my understanding, we can break the curse of lookism by ‘trusting what your loved one says more than those of bystanders of your life’. This is why I tell her everyday:

‘My Spouse, you are the fairest in the land!!’

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