Why Macrame in Japan is always white?

レシピ / RECIPE

Hi, Candice here. I recently have an obsession with macrame crafts.
And here are the three main things I use for macrame.
Scissors, macrame cords, and a metal comb(the ones for dogs work best).

With these…
you can make things like this
or this.

I was always inspired by 60’s vintage macrame and wanted to make one on my own.
It’s easier to purchase them but in Japan, you can only find macrame made with white cords or boring colors. I prefer colorful ones.

If you google macrame in Japanese, here are the results.Too much white!!!!

I know Japanese people like white so much, because of history? Or maybe their culture? But for me, white is not a color!

Chihiro, on the other hand, has thought white was a color without a doubt. Talking with Chihiro made me realize we see colors differently from so many perspectives.

Maybe, if Japan accepts more diversity, Japanese markets will sell more colorful macrame, clothing, furnitures, etc.

I am recently making macrame with rainbow cords now, hoping it would bring more joy to this boring world.

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