Same-Sex marriage and Subway Sandwiches

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Hi, I’m Candice. This Chihiro’s article about same-sex marriage reminded me of a conversation between my mom and I about why Subway is not popular in Japan.

Although Subway is also famous in Japan, the chain faces decreasing profits and closed nearly 200 stores in the last 4 years. It’s hard to find Subway stores now. I feel inconvenient as it is nice place to pick up quick and healthy meal.

So, I asked my mom how come Subway is not appealing to many Japanese consumers (do they prefer onigiri (rice balls) than sandwiches?) My mom then answered:


It’s not that. Most Japanese people aren’t used to having various choices. So, when being told to choose buns,vegetables,dressing,etc, they don’t know what to do. Japanese prefer things that are already made.

This attitude sounds kinda similar to people against same-sex marriage in Japan. Same-sex marriage opponents always worry about birthrate decline,ruining Japanese culture, the risk of legalization of other marriages (such as incest) although there are no solid proof for their claim. It is because they are afraid of change,and having options,they prefer to be in a particular comfort zone… even it is bounded comfort.

I hope someday they find out how delicious custom-made foods are and how precious ‘custom-made’ freedom is.

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