Why Same-Sex Marriage is ‘Disgusting’?

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Recently, Ibaraki Gov. Kazuhiko Oigawa (see below for related article) remarked that Japan should admit same-sex marriage.

There are arguments both for and against to his remarks, and one of them said (the original remark is in Japanese (thumbnail picture)):

I don’t care whether it is admitted or not, but I feel disgusting. You might say this is ridiculous not to admit same-sex marriage but it is just so disgusting. Rainbow-flag also seems disgusting. Thinking like this is free, right?

Why this person feels same-sex marriage is ‘disgusting‘? I think the answer is simple: this person is actually not free (against their remarks). Our society is bounded by different-sex marriage system.
‘Why you talk big although you are not married?’
‘He must be horrible person as he doesn’t marry at that age.’
In Japanese society you hear such remarks frequently. People endure this uneasy rule. Thus, they feel ‘breaking’ the rule ‘disgusting’, like some Japanese accuse restaurants which open under COVID pandemic harshly (although these restaurants are just advised not to open if they can).

When other people choose a option which you could not choose, you would feel it denies your endurance, your suffering, and your effort. Therefore, you would shout ‘it is disgusting’ to protect society which everyone equally cannot choose the option. This is kinda ‘natural‘ reaction. As Erich Fromm argued in ‘Escape from freedom’, freedom is harsh and painful; escaping from freedom is far more easier.

However, history already taught us what will happen when we escape from freedom. What is most needed in today’s world is not ‘comfortable’ escape from freedom but ‘disgusting’ freedom.

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