Ikenfell is BEST game ever

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently, the news about Disney’s intolerance about LGBT+ has got lots of attention.

Yeah, as a lot of people know, we still rarely have a chance to watch LGBT+ characters on TV, TV-game, manga comics, and so on.

But, lately I found one amazing TV-game in which LGBT+ characters play an really active part. The name of the game is: Ikenfell.

I completed the game. In this article, I talk about why this game is the BEST game ever for not only LGBT+ people but also ‘ordinary’ people, with mentioning some of the core storylines and the secrets of the characters.


The characters in this game all have downsides.
– Maritte feels ashamed about being an ordinary human with no magical powers.
– Safina leaves people around her behind, although she is extremely talented.
– Pertisia suffers a lot from both physical and mental damage.
– Aeldra cannot forgive herself.
– Ifig feels powerless.
– Bax cannot control his power.
– Ibn feels despair.

No one is perfect.
Nothing is eternal.
The tale of frustration and collapse.

That’s Ikenfell. 

However, the atmosphere of the game is really bright and warm.

Let’s overcome trouble together.
Enjoy finite life and warmth of hand in hand.
The tale of hope and rebirth.

That is also Ikenfell. 

And, what makes this double-sided story really profound is: the lively characters.
・Some of them are POC,
・some of them are lesbians / gay,
・some of them are non-binary / gender-fluid,
・some of them don’t look like human-being
・and some of them even broke up eventually.

Maybe some people think that’s too much political correctness, but the message of the game is really universal: you can live freely as your heart guides you, no matter how ‘imperfect’ or ‘unusual’. There is nothing preachy or hypocritical about the storyline. It’s natural and free, as all the LGBT+ people in real world.

Moreover, the music is more than amazing.

So, please play the game as your gay heart guides you!!

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