Chihiro and Me: Green and Red

レシピ / RECIPE

Chihiro and I are very different. We are like totally opposite.

Chihiro is a bookworm, I don’t read at all.

When we go to the mall, Chihiro mostly goes for food and groceries. I like to visit several stores, like shop clothes, makeup, etc.

Chihiro likes anything, while I’m a picky eater.

Chihiro likes hot springs and swimming pools, I have no interest in those things.

Chiro prefers to look the same, but I like to change my looks a lot.

Chiro isn’t tattooed, I’m tattooed.

Although we are opposite, we still click.

This reminded me of complementary colors.

They are opposite colors, but they make each other’s existence more vivid.

I think this is why Chihiro and I are a complete match together. Our existence compliment each other like two vivid colors.

Hope we can stay together till our hair becomes white, like complementary colors mix with each other and change them into the color white 🙂

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