The film Booksmart invites you to dream

レシピ / RECIPE

The film “Booksmart” has drawn me in to a wondrous dreamy world.

The teenage lesbian protagonist doesn’t have major come out seen or will go through a traumatic homophobic experience unlike other movies.
She just exists like any other heterosexuals would.
No clingy karaoke scenes or body shaming at parties.

As a minority, I don’t think norms who went through a ” normal life” would appreciate this movie as I did.
Like, people who have never experienced homophobia or bullied in school for their weirdness or awkwardness.

The film is not about teenagers trying to fit in with the “cool kids” at school. No extreme makeovers either.
No one is laughed at or bullied for their existence but accepted for who they are.

It may sound ordinary but this is a dream life for many minorities.

This film will take you to that dream, and gives you hope that there is an inspiring home like this somewhere in the world, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

And this is why Chihiro and I fell in love with this film.

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