Is Same-sex Relationship ‘precious’?

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When I tell my friends about my relationship with Candice, some people respond like this:

Wow!! How precious!!

Actually, I really don’t like this kind of response… as it implies our relationship is ‘harsh’, ‘void’, ‘troublesome’, and ‘unhappy’.

Imagine different-sex couple does the same thing to their friends. I’m sure none of them say ‘How precious’ as it is ‘usual’ and ‘stable’.

But, our relationship is really as usual as other relationships!

We go to lunch together….

We visit touristic places together…

We play TV-games together…

We sometimes have an argument…

Through such ‘ordinary’ events, we live together.

Our relationship is as precious as your habit to get up on 8 am.

So… I hope people use the word ‘precious’ to things which are really precious (such as acts save many lives). What I want to accomplish through writing this blog is that.

May the year 2021 becomes ‘precious’ year!!

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