About our marriage③:Love is Love

レシピ / RECIPE

October 24th,2020. Saturday 10:00
Tokyo, Japan.

Our Instagram wedding started, hosted by Ms. Raja in LA.

While waiting for connection in front of my smartphone, many thoughts crossed my mind. Especially about my mother. When I came out, she did not accept me, telling me that I should never tell other family members otherwise I will ‘break their dream’.

When I told her that I will marry Candice, she did not say a word. Complete silence. In the morning of the wedding, she texted me, just saying ‘I am happy that you are my daughter.’ So… it means my marriage- which is broadcasted worldwide- was never embraced by my family. This had bothered me till the moment when the connection was made.

But when the wedding started, my anxieties blew away. From 300 to 400 people viewed our live with Ms. Raja and they all blessed us, laughed with us, and cried with us. No one mentioned about the fact that we are both female, Asians, Candice having different backgrounds, and we that we cannot marry legally in Japan. I felt pure joy and happiness throughout the wedding, feeling that we are the happiest couple in the world.

At that time, I noticed really important fact: blood is not the only thing to make us family. If you have someone who shares your happiness and suffering, that person is your family. If no one understands you, if only one family understands you, you can proceed. This is why we marry: we declare each other as our family to the whole world through marriage.

People say that marriage is a journey to vast ocean. The corset of the dress was incredibly tight (I could barely breathe!), the makeup was so heavy (I had difficulty opening my eyes with the big fake eyelashes), and we were EXHAUSTED after the marriage like our bodies were sinking under mud. But above all, it was just so much FUN!! We can do it hundred times!! Although many tough adventures await, I am sure I can go anywhere with her, jumping through the hoops. It is because I LOVE HER, FOREVER AND EVER.

Love wins!! 🙂

(To be continued to Candice’s recipe…)

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