About our marriage②: Marriage is a tough work

レシピ / RECIPE

We decided to do wedding ceremony by ourselves– not only because of COVID but also both family members of us were not happy about the idea of our marriage.

So, Candice and I:
booked Tokyo station hotel on my birthday.
bought wedding dresses ((Candice found affordable ones online).
bought engage and marriage rings (I found a small store which can customize nice wedding rings).

I got totally satisfied with this progress: now, we have the venue, the dresses, and the rings. That’s all we need!!


By the way, I asked Ms. Raja to become our wedding officiant.

Said Candice, casually.

Ah, yes, we need a wedding officiant… WAIT WHAT!? Ms. Raja as our wedding officiant!? No way! That’s impossible-

Ms. Raja
Ms. Raja

OK, let’s do that via Instagram live!

Responded Ms. Raja, frankly.

Whoaaa what a graceful person she is… WAIT WHAT!? Instagram marriage!? Isn’t that too edgy!?… hmm but it sounds fine, OK… but then we need to tell our friends… and we need to… makeup ourselves more, like buying heels, matching earrings, balloons… noooo we don’t have much time then!!

Thus, Candice and I additionaly prepared:
makeup (Candice did all of it, thank god!)
styling of our hair (Candice did all of it, hallelujah!)
heels (in other words: feet tourturer)
balloon and helium
other small things to decorate the hotel room

But you know, time flies- and the day we marry comes.

To be continued…

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