About our marriage①:The reason we married

レシピ / RECIPE

I married with Candice on 24th October 2020.

Maybe you thought what it means as in japan same-sex marriage is not legally permitted. Yes, we just did wedding ceremony, still not legally married. Then, why we did it? It’s because we wanted our existence visible in Japanese society to change the current situation.
– Yes, in Japan, same-sex marriage is not permited legally.
– Yes, in Japan, same-sex couple is seen as ‘void’.
– Yes, in Japan, LGBT+ rights is still in progress.
But that’s why we need to be more visible: visibility is the key to improve the world.

And… wedding ceremony is the best way to be visible.
First of all, the things related with wedding are all ‘heterosexalish’. Pictures we see in Japanese wedding companies are all man-woman couple smiling happily, enjoying heterosexual privilege. So, same-sex wedding ceremony itself is strong counter to that ‘common-sense’.
Second, our society naturally believes marriage is happy, beloved, and wonderful thing. So, wedding ceremony, although it is for same-sex couple, will be seen positively.
Third, the visual impact of wedding ceremony is huge! Wedding dress, rings, tears, smiles, balloons, flowers…the images of wedding ceremony is so powerful and positive.

So… that’s why we decided to marry. But, we didn’t realise one important fact: wedding ceremony is extreme-sports.

To be continued….

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