Fortune-telling can be stereotypical

レシピ / RECIPE

Look at the tarot I got recently! Beautiful, isn’t it?


Wow, fantastic! Then, let’s see our fortunes.

Of course! But even if something bad appears, don’t worry. In the end, whatever fortune-teller says, your fortune is up to you.

That’s really nice mind set.

Yeah, because fortune-telling can easily become stereotypical. For example, in Japan, most love-fortune telling assumes you are heterosexual.

Yeah… because we rely on fortune-telling to become happy, what fortune-teller (≒society) thinks happy influences what they tell.

Yeah, you’re right!!

So, what is your outcome? (Looking at Tarot cards) Hmm… Lovers. So, you should do something for me, your lover 🙂 First of all, you should clean up kitchen. RIGHT NOW.

Noooooo, please take it lightly…


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