It’s OK NOT to wear makeup

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Recently, I happened to appear on TV.

You can see it on YouTube and fortunately most comments are positive. But some of them say:

It’s a pity that she is too busy to wear any makeup

Wow… without makeup, I cannot tell whether this parson is a man or a woman.

She doesn’t look like woman. Maybe she is actually a man?

So, it seems some people think not wearing makeup is pitiful and not feminine.

I don’t wear any makeup on daily basis, due to the fact that I don’t have any motivation for it. And I’m sure if I were a man, they didn’t throw such words to me.

It reminded me of the word my colleague throwed to me once. It was a hot day so that I wore a simple dress. Then, my colleague told me:

Hey… you should shave your armpit hair, I can see them through your shirt.

BUT at that time he wore almost nothing but tiny trunks!! I could see his armpit hair REALLY well!!!

So… it seems wearing makeup and shaving body hair are manners only for women (if men do that, people blame that, saying it is too ‘girlish’. Why?

Before thinking about it, let’s take a look at Ingres’s drawing: The Turkish Bath. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Then, how about the picture below?


…maybe you think like that. It is the picture painted by Sylvia Sleigh. She replaced women in The Turkish Bath by men. That simple replacement changed ‘beautiful’ drawing into ‘gross’ one.

It is because for a long time we humans have thought that women’s bodies are ones to be seen and men’s bodies are ones to see. Ones to be seen should be beautiful, while we don’t care about ones to be see.

So, when women’s bodies have the features of ‘men’ (ex: without wearing makeup, armpit hair) we tend to think it is ‘ugly’ and when we see men’s bodies, which ‘should not be seen’, we tend to feel ‘gross’.

You can also see that from Monet’s famous drawing

But, essentially, we have the right to look like as we want. Women can be without makeup and have armpit hair, as same as men can wear makeup and don’t have armpit hair. No one has the right to say rude things about them. We neither have the right to judge other people’s appearance nor have the obligation to be judged by other people about our appearance.

If everyone in this world can agree about it, I am sure this world becomes far better than now. So, I will not wear makeup tomorrow. It’s OK NOT to wear makeup, right?

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