Anti-Feminist Lives In Marvel Universe?

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I have been wondering about Anti-feminist these days. They frequently tweet like this:

All feminists should die!
I really want them to vanish!

Although it is disgusting, I can understand why they tweet such kind of things. They don’t like feminists.

What I couldn’t understand is, another their frequent remark. Whenever something troublesome (such as sexual harassments) happens, they usually tweet as below:

Where are feminsts? This is where they come in!

So… why they try to ‘encourage’ feminists although they dislike them?
Just sarcasm? But I think I saw something similar recently…


Then, one day, I realised the reason of my deja vu.
Their remarks are so similar to the remarks of citizens in Marvel Universe!

In Marvel movies, citizens are so cruel to heroes.
They regard Spiderman as a criminal and Avengers as a
going-too-far vigilante.

But once villains start something bad on streets, they cry
“Help me! Spiderman!”

“Where are Avengers!! People are dying!”
They fear and hate heroes who have power they don’t have but at the same time they believe the power is useful.

I guess anti-feminists feel the same.
They fear and hate feminists who have courage they don’t have but at the same time they believe the courage can diminish the curse of gender in Japanese society and save them in the end.

From this perspective, I believe some day anti-feminists can fight against injustice with feminists as Marvel movies eventually land on the ending where citizens cooperate with heroes and fight against evil. I really hope so.

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