Who is Candice? (Part 2)

レシピ / RECIPE

Then, let’s proceed to rest of the 10 questions!


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6) What you like and don’t like about Japan?

The food here is very affordable…too affordable.
In America,if you eat at restaurants it’s normal to cost about 20 to 30 dollars per person. In Japan,you can eat a whole cuisine around 10.
It’s great but at the same time i’m thinking,”do the workers get paid enough?!”.

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7) Who you respect?

Rosa Parks. Woman who can say “NO” without hesitation is iconic. We need more women like that in this world.

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8)What do you feel for your workplace?

I like to transform. I can look like however I want just by changing up my eyebrows, lip color, contour, etc. The more I look different, I feel my makeup skills have improved.

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9)What is your first impression for me?

To be honest, you were very creepy lol. I had no idea who you were. I even thought you were a male at first. You would never show yourself on the internet. Your twitter account was just a full of random retweets of cat videos and manga. As we started talking via DM, I saw pureness in you. You never treated me like a foreigner or looked down on me. I liked you a lot. It was a good kind of weird experience because I wanted to marry you even when I didn’t know what you looked like at the moment.

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10)What this blog means for you?

I want to normalize being gay in Japan. I want people to feel comfortable talking about being gay in public such as schools, works,etc. I want gay people to be like “It’s my boyfriends birthday today!” or “I made a girlfriend!” like straight people would normally do. It’s not fair that we can’t do that. Normalizing is very difficult than you think.

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