Why some Japanese husbands can’t have sex with their wives?

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In the previous article, Candice told me that some Japanese husbands come to hostess bars to meet women, so, I asked her ‘but… their wives are also women‘. Then, Candice said:

Some husbands just can’t have sex with their wives because they do every house-chores for them and thus become like ‘mother’ for them. You can’t have sex with your mother, right?

She also told me that one of her friends always does every house-chore during her husband sleeps as she is so afraid of losing his love.

It reminded me the famous Japanese old story about ‘the lady lived in Takayasu’.

Once upon a time, an aristocrat had an affair with a lady lived in a city called Takayasu. But, as he saw the lady serve rice for him, the lady lost his love.

It is because in the old times doing house-chores is seen as lower-class behavior. Therefore, the aristocrat disappointed at the lady and stopped loving her.

I learned the story in my high school days and thought that’s a really old-fashioned idea, but Candice’s saying made me think that maybe such thinking style still exists in Japan.

One of my classmates became really angry about the story and said ‘the lady must have become happy after that as she became free from such a disgusting man!’ I really hope we, present days Japanese women, can have the power to accomplish such a happy-ending by ourselves.

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