The reason why I dry my hair before I get on train

レシピ / RECIPE

2020 Tokyo Olympic has begun- and you might have heard the news below.

The news went viral on Japanese media and it reminded me of my high school memory.

On the day, I overslept. So, I quickly got shower, ran, and rode on train.

After a while, I noticed two boys (seemed like 14-15 years old) standing beside me whispered each other.

「・・・Really disgusting」
「・・・I want to kill」
「Totally agree・・・」
「・・・What a scam・・・」

 Oh, sounds scary, I thought. Maybe they hate their teachers-

「・・・This Bitch・・・her wet hair…」
「・・・Make it dry ・・・Miss ugly ・・・
「Please die・・・」
「・・・I want to smash her face ・・・completely」

I felt shivers down my spine.
They are talking about ME. 

But… I could do nothing. I just stood there like stone, listening to their insults.

As soon as the train arrived the next station, I got down train immediately.

Seeing the train leave, I touched my hair. It was not completely dry… it was slightly wet.

My eyes were unknowingly filled with tears.  

Why they did such a horrible thing to me?
Why I couldn’t do anything?
I kept crying, standing on the silent platform.

 Till today, I always keep my hair dry when I get on train.

I’m sure those boys already forgot me.
But I could never forget. I could never forgive.

A small prank for you can hurt someone deeply.
I sincerely hope through the news people all over the world become more conscious about the fact.

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