Who is Candice? (Part 1)

レシピ / RECIPE

So, as I already introduced myself, this is your turn. To introduce you effectively, please answer the following ten questions I made.


Of course!!

~ ~ ~

1)What kind of things you remember about your childhood days?

When I was crying in the streets making my mom feel very uncomfortable,a guy came up to us and said to me “It’ll be alright,just stop crying and wait here okay?” and after a couple of minutes he came back with a balloon and a teddy bear.

He may not be in this world anymore,but if I had a chance to talk to his children or grandchildren,I want to let them know how genuine and wonderful person he was.

~ ~ ~

2)What kind of school days you experienced?

School was the last place I wanted to go as a kid lol

In American schools, I was the dorky Asian girl, and in Japanese schools I was the dorky ugly dark biracial girl lol. I was never the “cool kid” .School was terrible. Kids can be very cruel. I wish we get to start schools after 21 lol.

~ ~ ~

3)What do you feel for your workplace?

Comparing to other strict companies, my workplace is not that bad actually.We are allowed to have tattoos,any hair color,full glam makeup,wear whatever we want.

But I literally hate working lol. Even if I had the most fun job in the world,like playing with bunnies and other cute animals at a petting zoo,I would be neurotic and release all the animals lol

~ ~ ~

4)When you discovered your sexual orientation?

I get this question a lot. I really don’t know actually. I’m a dark skin “gaijin” looking girl living in Japan. I had other things to worry about…ohhh, but when I was in elementary school, I held hands with a boy I really liked and my mom got so excited she called my grandma and told her that I got my first boyfriend. I felt kinda uncomfortable when she said that. We were just holding hands because we were best friends and I thought he was cute.Not cute like I have a crush on him cute,but like puppy,hamster,kitten cute.

~ ~ ~

5)How do you feel about being born between American father and Japanese mother?

Very frustrating. I’m always being judged. Especially in Japan, if you don’t fit the “beautiful half” standards (pearly white skin,light eye color/hair color), people look down on you.

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