What I disagree with the movie Prom

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Watched Prom on Netflix. Nicely made movie.

But… due to the following three reasons, I disagree with ‘happy ending’ of the movie.

①How they solve the problem about prom

In the movie, Emma decided making her own prom… which seems most participants are LGBTQ+ people. For me, this solution seems like saying ‘LGBTQ+ people and heterosexual people should live separately.’ It might be OK in the USA where LGBTQ+ rights are protected in some areas. But in Japan, where many LGBTQ+ people are forced to hide their true selves, the solution might give heterosexual people confidence to keep on current segregation and oppression.

②How they solve the problem about parental relationship

This movie also deals with the problem about parents who don’t understand their children’s sexuality. Emma’s parents don’t. Alyssa’s mother don’t. Barry’s parents didn’t. And… it is only Barry’s mother who apologizes her child. The others don’t. Alyssa’s mother just explains why she discriminates and never apologizes about it.

But… when you feel heart-broken, what you want the person who broke your heart is to apologize, I think. Because apology is the most basic action which cures the wound. Other things- encouragement, sympathy, and explanation-only work after apology is made.

③The conclusion of the movie

The final dance scene comes with the lyric which says you can dance everyone when music plays. Yeah, dance means love here, I understand. But…. why it is only when music plays? I’m sure you can dance everyone even when music doesn’t play.

In the movie, the principal says that in the musical no one cares the reason why people dance suddenly. I really think this should be the conclusion of the movie. You can love someone as you like, no matter what the reason. Love comes without reason, like music sounds without reason, right?

So… that’s the reason I can’t totally love the movie, although it is really encouraging. Please be more brave, Netflix!!

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