Elderly people cannot understand LGBT+?

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Recently, Japanese local assembly member Masaki Shiraishi, whose age is 78, was accused by his discriminatory remarks against LGBT+ community (he said the increase of LGBT+ community will destroy the local community). Many people left comments such as‘He is too old’‘Such old man should retire’.

Such ageism-although it is not appropriate- can be understood as many young people find it difficult to talk about things related with sex- such as gender and sexuality- to elderly people. Yeah, you should never judge a book by its cover, but still… it is really hesitating. 

Then, what kind of things can be a clue when you try to distinguish whether an old person can be trusted enough to talk about gender or sexuality? My answer is: the person`s view on things the person doesn’t know would be a great clue.

For example, if the person (1) never uses Instagram and (2) never visited foreign country, and you ask the person what the person thinks about the subjects,

If the answer is positive (ex: ‘I don’t use the application but it seems fun.’/ ‘Using airplane is frightening but I would like to go abroad one day!’), it would be OK.

If the answer is negative (ex: ‘Instagram users would be all idiots.’/ ‘I cannot trust foreigners.’), it would be NOT OK.

It is because
1)Elderly people usually don’t get used to subjects like gender and sexuality.
2)Basically, as you get old, you act based on certain routine

Therefore, the reaction of the person about the subjects the person doesn’t know would be the reaction of the person when you talk about gender and sexuality.(I’m sure Masaki Shiraishi is the person who neither likes Instagram nor foreign countries).

People say explorers would never age. I think that’s true: when you lose open-minded curiosity about things you don’t know, you will get old and rusted.

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