Is there exit from never-ending controversy on Twitter?

レシピ / RECIPE

Recently, Japanese Twitter world is surrounded by large dispute about whether Transgender people can use female toilet / female public bath. My stance is clear: we should talk more broader points of view such as about discrimination transgender people experience. Anyway, in the dispute, I saw the below discussion.

I don’t know anything about this subject… so, I would like to decide my stance after I learn more…

What!? You keep silence about such an important matter!? That means you are trans-phobic person!!

On the other hand, I saw other discussion went like below.

I think this matter means A… and I argue B is C…

Why you talk about this subject!? People like you make matters too complicated! Please shut up!!

So… it seems you are blamed not only you don’t say anything but also you say something. That sounds hard… is there any ‘exit’ to avoid being blamed by someone?

― Don’t use social media at all? …Nah, that means you don’t say anything.

― Only tweet things aren’t blamed? …Nah, there is nothing not to be blamed.

…so… unfortunately. there is no exit from this Internet-ruling world. In the world, everything we do (including don’t do anything) will inevitably influence someone. Therefore, we have to confront with the fact that what we do / don’t do affects world and we should take responsibility for that. Of course sometimes we need some rest, but in the end we should go back to the Internet world.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Each of us should take responsibility of the great power of Internet.

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